United House

United House

I feel comfortable here – the minute I walked in. Comfortable right here in my belly.

United House Place Resident

What is United House?

United House provides transitional housing and supports to women leaving the Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter in our 5 renovated, fully furnished apartments. Since opening United House, we have expanded this partnership to offer additional housing options through our Second Suites program.

Usually women who have reached the end of their allotted time at the women’s shelter are still on the wait list for Rent Geared to Income (RGI) housing placements.

​This puts them in the position of choosing between housing they cannot afford, homelessness, or returning to abusive partners.
​Working closely with the Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter, we fill this gap in affordable housing, dramatically increasing the likelihood of our clients transitioning successfully out of abuse. At United House and in our Second Suites apartments, women (and their children, if applicable) can stay for up to one year while they wait for RGI housing to become available.

Since opening in 2013 62 women and their 89 children have found a soft place to land at United house while they rebuild their lives.

Who Lives At United House?

Our clients are women who have left abusive relationships and are transitioning out of that environment to life on their own, often with children. Without support, they are at risk of returning to abusive relationships or facing homelessness. Though some have jobs or student loans, most rely on the Ontario Works program for financial assistance, which means as a single woman they receive $384 month to pay for rent, in a city where the average 1 bedroom apartment rents for $950. (Women with children receive slightly more.)

Many have no credit, no job, no bank accounts in their own name, no money management experience, and no sense of their self worth. Most are in their twenties with a child or two but some are older women living alone. Some have made a clean break from their partners, others are actively pursued by their former partners and rely heavily on the security measures put in place at United House. Some need help connecting to Ontario Works, getting their child tax benefits arranged, getting their children registered for school, accessing the Food Bank, writing their resume, applying for jobs, or applying for school themselves.

​But everyone has a greater chance at a good life through affordable housing. Everyone can use a reminder that, just as they are, they have worth. And everyone benefits from the community of fellow clients, staff, and volunteers, and talk about their desire to get to a place in their lives where they can be the ones who help others.

Who pays the rent?

The majority of our residents have had to leave violent situations and are not initially ready to support themselves, so they are provided for through the Ontario Works (OW) program.

​Through OW, the women pay a portion of the market value rent of their apartment.

The Redwood Rent Supplement Program has been created to fill the gap between the actual cost of rent and what our clients are able to contribute.

United House Story

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Redwood Rent Supplement Fund

Become a monthly donor! Helping cover rent is an incredibly tangible way to support a woman rebuilding her life after having the courage to leave behind everything she has. Give her hope, today.

Housing Initiatives

Lucy’s Place, United House, Second Suites & Family Short-Term Supportive Housing Centre.


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